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Delivering civil, business, and employment litigation

Agricultural Law

River Valley Law provides contracts, land leases, farm operations loans, equipment loans or leases, seed company contracts or agreements, real estate purchases or sales, farmer lender mediation, and tainted feed claims for cattle, swine or equines.

Business Law

River Valley Law manages the formation of an entity, such as a corporation, limited liability company (“LLC”) or filing an assumed name with the state. Setting up a business can be the easy part, but keeping things going well may not be so simple. We can help.

Civil Litigation

River Valley Law will provide you with taking your case to the county district court or appealing the outcome of your case to a higher court. There is a strict timeline for appealing a case. If you are considering this, act quickly or the right to bring the appeal may be lost or waived. River Valley Law is one of the only law firms in central Minnesota authorized to practice in federal court, which has jurisdiction only over certain kinds of cases. This can be anything from employment law to ERISA matters, to larger companies out of state, etc.

Employee & Employer Law

River Valley Law assists both employers and employees in their claims or defenses to discrimination, harassment claims, workplace investigations, hostile work environment claims, disability and accommodation cases; workers compensation-related matters; handbook policies for employers; assisting with Family Medical Leave Act; Minnesota Human Rights Act; Americans with Disabilities Act; Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Real Estate Transactions & Real Estate Litigation

River Valley Law manages boundary line disputes, a quiet title action, a dispute over an easement, road access, cartway, etc. It also covers the purchase or sale of a home; a commercial building; disputes over purchase agreements; conditions of the home or building; conditional use permits; interim use permits; disputes over the scope of such permits; assisting people in selling their home without a realtor, for sale by owner; contract for deed documents; disputes arising out of contract for deeds; encroachments of driveways, garages, houses, and the like. 

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