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Contingency or hourly billing? And, is there an advance retainer payment required?

Sometimes potential clients ask for a billing arrangement where they do not pay hourly attorney fees upfront. Rather, the attorney takes a percentage of any lump sum payment for legal services performed. This is typical for personal injury cases, workers’ compensation cases, and possibly for other areas of law where this is the industry norm. However, with the areas of practice at River Valley Law, P.A. such arrangements are not typical, so most of the time our clients pay an hourly fee and make an advance deposit when the representation commences. For more information, please call 320-497-7977.


"What are my chances of success?" or "Do I have a strong case?

Clients often ask, “What are my chances of success?” or “Do I have a strong case?”. These are great questions and must be discussed with an experienced attorney because each case has its own set of unique facts and circumstances that may affect the ultimate outcome based on the area of law. Please call 320-497-7977 for more information.


    How do I find an attorney to help me with a legal matter?

    Working with an attorney is a very personal matter, as you will be sharing information that is confidential and may be sensitive to you or others. You will want an attorney with the right background and experience needed to have competent representation on your legal matters. You will also want to work with an attorney that communicates in a way that you can understand, and one that listens to you and that you feel comfortable with to assist you. Third-party validation is important, such as peer-review ratings and other awards you may find online that speak to the attorney’s good reputation in the legal community. 

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