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River Valley Law helps bring your legal dispute into a county district court of law, state district court of law, or federal court of law, or bring a legal action in another venue such as the Office of Administrative Hearings. In litigation, claims are made by the Plaintiff or Complainant, and such claims are defended by the Defendant or Respondent. Either way, individuals or businesses should seek the assistance of an experienced attorney to assist them in pursuing such claims or in defending against them because the judge will hold you to the same procedural rules, process, and legal standards as an attorney. Contact River Valley Law to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.

County District Court & MN Court of Appeals
River Valley Law may take cases for all 84 county district courts in MN. When you do not agree with the outcome of a district court case, River Valley Law can help. We will appeal the outcome to a higher court, usually the MN Court of Appeals. There is a strict timeline for appealing a case to the MN Court of Appeals. If you are considering this, act quickly or the right to bring the appeal may be lost or waived. Contact River Valley Law.

Federal U.S. District Court
River Valley Law is one of the few firms in Central Minnesota to practice Federal U.S. District Court law. This involves jurisdiction only over certain kinds of cases. This can be anything from employment law to ERISA matters, to larger companies out of state, and more. Contact River Valley Law to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.



Appeals from county district court cases to Minnesota Court of Appeals


Appeals from the Minnesota Court of Appeals to the Minnesota Supreme Court


Appeals from decisions of state government agencies to the Office of Administrative Hearings


ERISA Claims/Defense


Short-Term Disability


Long Term Disability


Pension Plan Claims


Retirement Benefits Claims


Professional licensure matters




Slander per se

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